Project manager: Emilia Ukkonen
"Missed" (2014)

“Half of humanity lives in urban environments. With this shift to urbanization as the norm, the structures and forms of society have fundamentally shifted as well, both in macro and micro senses. The human experience, replete with love, loss, and emotional vulnerability, now most commonly occurs within and must encompass the context of modern, urban alienation. I intend to research and document people who have lost their pets in New York City. The work will consist of several short pieces about people and their relationships with beloved, missing pets. A pet can be more important than another person – even to the extent of replacing a family member. The project will investigate the changing structures of this very individual-based western culture, which leaves many people by themselves with only dogs or cats as their confidants.”

Emilia_UkkonenPhoto: Emilia Ukkonen