Project manager: Daniela Lazoroska
“Critical Ethnographies: Hybrid Tools and Practices” (2014)

“Critical Ethnographies: Hybrid Tools and Practices” examines the methodological potentialities that emerge from the collaborative work performed within, and beyond, the frame of Mejan Arc’s multidisciplinary course in Architecture. Recent decades have witnessed what has been called the “ethnographic turn” within artistic, architectural and related design practices, but the use of ethnographic methods and their implications have scarcely been explored. Taking the course’s fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2014 as its focal point, this project aims to investigate the application of ethnography therein, the knowledge and experience that arise from it, and how these are translated into tools and strategies beneficial for engaged artistic, architectural, and anthropological research and practice. The proposed project will result in a publication.”

 Pedregulho_DLazoroskaPedregulho housing complex, Rio de Janeiro © 2014 Daniela Lazoroska