Project manager: Robert Brečević
Co-applicant: Geska Brečević
"Revelation and revolution: Studying and recreating apparitions and visions in rural Oaxaca, Mexico" (2014)

“A sulky Baby Jesus sneaks out at night in a world where plastic figurines and carved sculptures come to life, where apparitions are a part of everyday life. Oaxaca's countryside in southern Mexico features many wonders concerning village santos (double meaning: saint and religious sculpture). As artists, we seek to materialize our own staggering faith in miracles by putting the motionless in motion. In our mobile workshop we design animation puppets together with villagers. Our animation method is cumbersome; it mirrors the aspects of the social spectacle of the apparition while involving its participants. Our film-making interweaves animation, process and interviews and portrays the "religious inventiveness" where the indigenous perform wilful remakes of Catholicism as well as turning the stories of the santos into driving forces of the local economy.”

Robert_Geska_B_bild Photo: Geska & Robert Brečević / Performing Pictures © 2013