Project manager: Ana Džokić
Co-applicant: Marc Neelen
”The Days After - practicing artistic disengagement”  (2013)

The Days After - practicing artistic disengagement investigates the afterlife of artistic community involvement. Starting from the recent surge of initiatives that place artistic activity at the core of community action, revitalisation, interim uses, and many more time-limited artists’ inputs, the project delves into the necessity to lift these truly important contributions for a better or more sustainable society into a successful afterlife beyond the artists’ act. However, how can this be done? Departing with a brief constructed through a public event, in Stockholm, three expeditions to exemplary community projects in Europe will be made after which with the help of experts in transformational economics the feasibility of a “future proof” horizon for these three projects will be explored, speculated and extrapolated. The resulting illustrated “futurability reports” will form the base for a concluding discussion in Stockholm in Fall 2014."

Peti_park_intervention_Belgrade_photo_by_Ivan_Kucina_STEALTH"Peti park intervention, Belgrade" Photo: Ivan Kucina