Project manager: Dubravka Sekulić
"Planning for the Unexpected: Source book for spatial struggle" (2013)

Planning for the Unexpected: source book for spatial struggle looks closely into the different spatial struggles in Croatia, with a focus on Right to the City Zagreb (RttCZ), and the knowledge generated from that struggle. The aim is to translate that knowledge into a source book. The research will explore if artistic research can be a space of production of knowledge on spatial struggle and an articulation of what spatial justice is. The research has 3 phases: 1) to gather documentation and material – through interviews, press clippings, legal documentation, visits to disputed sites, and photographic documentation; 2) production and analysis – extracting the tools for spatial struggle out of the RttCZ experience; mapping actors; visualising processes that lead to disputed situations; 3) post-production – design of the source book and production of a critical text.”

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