Project manager: Cecilia Sagrén
"At the edge of Dazwischen" (2013)

At the edge of Dazwischen highlights and explores a story and a time stuck in a "Dazwischen", in a gap between superimposed events in German history, but which is also of great relevance in a larger context. The story of an architectural and engineering school, Technikum in Strelitz in 1920-30’s Germany, international and successful, a melting pot of students from many different countries, with a confidence in the future. Based on extensive private inherited archive material, the story can be compiled and displayed with the red thread: Swedish Greta and Russian Lonja. What traces and fragments are available today, how has the collective memory of the era endured? Is Technikum included in the identity of the city of Strelitz? As a challenge in the project process, ”Dazwischen" will be explored as a concept, and also methods to treat narrative as image and image as narrative. Keywords-female architect, exams, architecture, education, the relationship Germany-Sweden, cultural heritage, immateriality, identity and memory, the Bauhaus school, functionalism. The project is carried out through research, travel, translations, archival search and site visits.”

Dazwischen_Technikum_bild_CS© Cecilia Sagrén