Project manager: Olav Westphalen
"Krypto-Komedy" (2013)

"Krypto-Komedy (Radical Comedy) is an artistic project combining research and production, culminating in a publication. It studies the tradition of artistic operations with comical intent, which either fail, or remain unintelligible, as comedy. It is concerned with comical utterances that are either too little or too much or in the wrong place altogether. It looks at phenomena that could be jokes, but also poetry, nonsense, accidents or tragedies (or art). It will create a workshop-like structure, allowing artists and students to produce new works, things and situations in the conceptual framework of Krypto-Komedy. It will present and publish these works in the appropriate form. It will significantly contribute to the knowledge production around art and humor and bring a unique discourse to KKH."

Knollnasen_OWUntitled anonymous drawing, unknown origin, ink on paper.