Project manager: Simon Goldin
Co-applicant: Jakob Senneby ”NORDENSKIÖLDSMODELLEN
– "Speculative Theatre & Theatrical Speculation”
(2011 and 2013)

The Nordenskiöld Model departs from the life and practice of August Nordenskiöld – a historical figure in whom Swedish colonial history, the state financial apparatus and utopian mysticism intersect. Against this backdrop, a set of theatrical stagings confront contemporary mathematical models of speculation and the financial economy’s formation of the market. The research project is enacted as a theatre AND a financial instrument, that are made mutually dependent on one another.

The Nordenskiöld Model explores the complex relations between models, speculation and reality - how models not only represent, but produce new realities - while at the same time attempting to integrate these relations on the level of artistic methodology. The work will be presented through exhibitions and events in art institutions as well as integrated in the teaching activities at KKH. The project forms a key component of Simon Goldin's doctoral research.

In 2013 the project was awarded additional funding to make a SOURCE BOOK, producing an overview of - and reflection on - the overall project.

Simon GoldinGoldin+Senneby, ”The Nordenskiöld Model, Act 1, Scene 1: 300 Years of Speculative Realities” with Pamela Carter (playwright), Peter Hägglund (CEO, IFL), Stefan Marling & Fredrik Meyer (actors). Performance view: IFL, Executive Education. Produced for: Konsthall C, Stockholm, 2010.