Project manager: Sarah Guarino Florén (former Werner)
"THE RESONANT BODY - Psychodrama and sociodrama as an experimental artistic strategy" (2009)

”J.L. Moreno’s sociodrama is a hands-on “therapeutical” method, what Moreno called a “sociatry”, that is to say, the effect of sociodrama goes beyond the individual subject and transforms society as a whole. Inspired by the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark and her thoughts about the possibilities inherent in the body’s affective dimensions, and Moreno’s performative sociodrama, the project developed into an experimental workshop. The sociodramatist Monica Westberg were invited to work together with students from KKH and DI to experiment with the sociodramatic method in what could be likened to a small temporary community, a “societal body”, to hopefully be able to approach each other, ourselves, and society in a new way.”

200910262002_S_G_F_WPhoto: Sarah Guarino Florén (former Werner)