Project manager: Meric Algun Ringborg 
Co-applicant: Erdem Tasdelen
”Investigations on Artistic Subjectivity” (2012)

The project will explore representations of artistic subjectivity based on Marcel Proust, who in his novel ”In Search of Lost Time” explored the subjectivity of artists through their artworks. Proust’s discussion of artistic activity is contextualized through four characters: the actress/opera-singer Berma, musician Vinteuil, writer Bergotte and painter Elstir. These characters are portrayed as embodiments of how Proust envisioned artists should be. Never considered separately from their artistic output, they only exist insofar as they produce works within their respective disciplines. Within the KU-project, we will study these characters to build a framework that can be offered to present day artists.


Erdem Tasdelen, "But to return to my own case, ... (self-portrait with Marcel Proust)", 2011 Series of 5 india ink drawings on paper, 76x56 cm each. Courtesy of the artist