Project manager: Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez
“Research project 12-12-2012” (2012)

A documentary film will be made about the Maya Indians’ prophecies that involve the 2012 phenomenon. Different perspectives will be captured among the people in Guatemala and those responsible for sharing the message of those prophecies, the elders of the Maya culture. The whole of 12 December 2012 will be filmed in order to document the transformation of the human being that will occur according to the prophecies - the waiting for the supposed end of the world. Issues of high culture and traditional culture, will also be looked at in relation to the proliferation of diverse movements (hippie lifestyle, new age, rave) that have left several influences on contemporary mainstream or subculture tendencies.

 Juarez_Naun_copy"Still Image 12-12-2012"
© Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez