Project manager: David Larsson

”Schematisk bild av Ångermanälven” – An expedition following the structures of water regulation in Ångermanälven” (2012)

”I will perform and document an expedition following a 1970’s map titled “Schematisk bild av Ångermanälven”. The map describes the development of water power and water regulation in Ångermanälven and the connecting rivers, Faxälven, Fjällsjöälven and Åseleälven. My grandfather worked in water power construction in Ångermanälven and my father lived his first years in various temporary water power communities and where my grandmother also worked as a school teacher. The story of the construction of water power in the northern rivers during the 1940-50-60’s is in this way my personal family history but it is also a story about the construction of modern Swedish society, industry and the welfare state.”

David Larsson© David Larsson