Project manager: Sebastian Nordbeck 
Co-applicant: Max Olofsson
“What’s that in the background?” (2012)

“What’s that in the background?” is an image-based research project that investigates how art is represented in comics. Do the artworks found in the background of the comics change in relation to trends and isms in the real art world? Or do the different comics have their own specific ways of representing art? The aim is to make visible prejudices against art, and the common idea of what it looks like, according to the varying portrayals of art in comics. The archive will be created through open workshops held within a living room setting in which the participants look for art in the backgrounds of comics. This material will be scanned and posted on the project blog and also be printed in a book.


Sebastian Nordbeck"What's that in the background?" (detail from instruction, wall painting) © Max Olofsson/Sebastian Nordbeck