Project manager: Esther Ericsson  
Co-applicant: Charles Stern
“Print up!” (2012)

Esther Ericsson (Royal Institute of Art/KKH) and Charles Stern (Konstfack) will build a DIY rapid prototyper (RP) at KKH and research the conceptual and practical opportunities that the democratization of this technology can bring. The project will be a channel between Konstfack and KKH and offers workshops that engage students in all aspects of the process. “Print up!” compares this non-industrial form of making to movements for social justice. It shall create a critical practice around issues of sustainability, low-tech 3D printing and shall consider RP as a disruptive force to copyright laws and confrontational to economic hierarchies.

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Print up!RepRap Huxley 3D printer. Object 3D printer Photo: Charlie Stern © Charlie Stern