Project manager: Liv Strand
”Through Composition as Explanation” (2010)
Collaborators: Marcus Doverud, Ana-Maria Hadji Culea and Amelie Rydqvist

“Through Composition as Explanation” is a project about shaping a stage performance and its form is decided by Gertrude Steins essay “Composition as Explanation” from 1926. Reading the text aloud is the focused medium. The text discusses, both to its form and in what it brings as its topic, the distinction between what is contemporary and what is classic. Stein’s text is formed as an explanation in the way words circle and repetitively develop argumentation, and simultaneously it can be read as a score. It is a text, which in the way it is written, makes practice of its own theory. The process takes on the task to translate the content of the text and the structure of Gertrude Stein’s language into objects, space, bodies and movement as well as how these matters interconnect. This forms a performance structure.

Liv Strand 
"Through Composition as Explanation, making a larger paper" © Liv Strand, Marcus Doverud, Amelie Rydqvist