Project manager: Filippa Arrias
Co-applicant: Marie Fahlin
”Unheimliche Verbindungen” (2011)

Through a collaboration addressing painting and choreography, the artistic process is investigated in a contemporary art context where the borders between art forms are dissolving. Painting as a process often means a layering of motifs and techniques in order to function as  communication.Choreography enables the displacement of time. The project explores “das Unheimliche” as a philosophical term and a metaphor, and which becomes a tool to research the borders that enable thematic and artistic displacements of meaning. Using the “palimpsest” as a method, “Unheimliche Verbindungen” consists of eight two-week long periods for; research, image, sculpture, sound, video, text, choreography and production.

Unheimliche Verbindungen

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