Project manager: Erik Torvén
”Social practice as a counter strategy” (2011)

The project will investigate and formulate a critical starting point in an essay, based on a rereading of the critique of modernism from the 1960s and 70s, filtered through the developments of global capitalism and neoliberalism in the last decades. Capitalism and modernism have merged and opened up for a non‐critical commercialization of architecture, and in extension of the city as an idea, place and community.

Parallel to working with the text, a series of full-scale architectural interventions in urban situations will be executed. The purpose is to explore possible strategies for a critical architectural practice that can produce new spatial and social contexts, and thereby act as a balancing force to the commercially structured spaces that we live in.

Download the pdf-version of: Erik Torvén: "Dear Process–Arkitektur som kollektiv produktion" (2013).

Erik Torvén

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