Project manager: Sigrid Sandström
Co-applicant: Gavin Morrison
”What is Ignorance?” (2011) 

”What is Ignorance? is a research project undertaken between artists, philosophers, curators, and theoreticians. A series of seminars and workshops which explore the methodology of creative practices will to a large extent be held at the Royal Institute of Art. The project is led by professor Sigrid Sandström and Gavin Morrison and an international research group composed of artists, philosophers and theoreticians.

The query is focused on a cross-disciplinary understanding of ignorance as a philosophical position and an accidental occurrence or strategic method within the domain of art. Particular attention will be put towards a comprehension of ignorance as a working method. The project will progress through invited contributions to generate a conceptual understanding of ignorance and an awareness of its implications. The findings will be presented as an exhibition and a publication.

Sigrid Sandström