Project manager: Anne Marte Overaa
”Small scale derangements” (2011)

The project includes the planning, rehearsals and realisations of a number of public events followed by a publication. The notion of naïvité, and the idea of the gift, underpins the project. Something will be used which, despite its undemanding easy-to-like form, has strong unwritten rules connected to it. Anne Marte Overaa will work in two competing worlds through acting like a commercial agency trying to “sell” something that nobody wants. Systematic experiments will take place in the form of subtle or more obvious interventions and performances. They will be performed by musicians, actors and possibly people from other work areas. The events will be shown in a recognisable format but lack the familiar content.

Anne Marte Overaa Nothing is free. Public Intervention 2010. Nothing is given away for free on the street as empty boxes. Performer: Tanja Thara