Project manager: Frida Eriksson
Co-applicants: Johan Zetterquist, Ry Morrison
”SuperSolarDistiller” (2011)

Out of our planet's water resources only 3% is fresh water. Out of these 3 %, 68.7% is bound up in ice and glaciers. The rest is unfairly distributed across the globe. Around 875 million people lack access to clean water. About 7 million, half of them children, die annually due to water scarcity, diarrhea and other diseases caused by contaminated water. The KU-project explores the possibility of using and transforming rain- and seawater, that is found in the exposed parts of the world, into drinkable water. A distillation apparatus is combined with the function of a solar cooker to streamline the process so more people can get access to clean drinking water.

Frida Eriksson