TOPPING OUT – Afternoon in the waiting room and a reading about temporality

Time: November 23 2014 at 2-5 pm
Place: MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30, Skeppsholmen

Come and visit Waiting Room #2 under construction in MDT’s foyer. Waiting Room #2is part of the project Stage Directions, an architectural tryout that explores the written instruction as an alternative architectural tool. Urban designer and theorist Helen Runting is invited to share thoughts on the “temporary,” both as a format for spatial and procedural investigations in architecture, but also as a model of (immaterial) work and trade in the late capitalist city. Throughout the afternoon, refreshments will be served. Don’t miss this opportunity, the structure will soon be gone.

Stage Directions is a project by Andjeas Ejiksson & Joanna Zawieja (Mejan Resident 2013-2014). Waiting Room #2 is under construction from November 3 to November 28. The structure is to be constructed and demolished within this time frame.

Helen Runting is an urban planner and urban designer, and a PhD student in Critical Studies in Architecture at the KTH School of Architecture. Her research interests include architectural postmodernism, urban economy, and architectural politics and regulation; her PhD addresses the production of atmospheres, affects and subjectivities which accompanies contemporary comprehensive development projects in the Nordic region. Helen is a member of Svensk Standard, and an editor of the journal LO-RES.

Afterwards, at 5, there is a dance performance by Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir: “Spotted”. Read more here.

bild_nov_14© Andjeas Ejiksson & Joanna Zawieja