Time: Tuesday, 4 November 2014. 2pm- 6pm
Location: Kungl Konsthögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, the board room, 4th floor.

Christine Borland, Fiona Crisp, Chris Dorsett, Rona Lee
The Cultural Negotiation of Science is a research group based at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK that brings together several artists and academics whose practices engage with expert cultures across a broad spectrum of science and technology.  Collectively, the group is characterised by a performative approach to the production of knowledge that actively challenges the use of art as an instrumental or illustrative device to interpret science.

In 2013 the group produced Extraordinary Renditions, an exhibition and symposium for the British Science Festival that showed how artists, in a variety of different ways, work with renditions of science outside its bio-medical, fundamental or technical parameters (see http://vimeo.com/album/2549219).  The project took place at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, allowing a large public audience access to the compelling questions thrown up when artists negotiate scientific practices – questions that often require artists to perform ‘extraordinary renditions’ across the ethical and political spaces in which personal vulnerability and risk-taking is impossible to avoid.

Here at the Royal Institue of Art, four artists from the Cultural Negotiation of Science group, Christine Borland, Fiona Crisp, Chris Dorsett and Rona Lee, will talk about their work across bio-medical ethics, fundamental science, genetics & museum holdings and physical geography respectively.  It is intended to be an open, discursive event that will create opportunities to extend networks and evolve ideas toward a proposed follow-up event in collaboration with KKH - Extraordinary Renditions (Stockholm) – for spring 2015.

This seminar series informs an artistic research and exchange project that is initiated by artist and educator Amanda Newall (Royal Institute of Art), BALTIC professor and artist Christine Borland and BALTIC curator of exhibitions & research Alessandro Vincentelli. The initiative forms the second part of a two-year exchange project, with partial funding/support from BALTIC, KKH Stockholm, Northumbria University, BxNU and from the institutions through an ERASMUS partnership.

Artist biographies

Image: SimBodies & Me, Choking Charlie. Artist: Christine Borland.