"Many Maids Make Much Noise"

25% PhD seminar with Olivia Plender, Marina Vishmidt, Anna Colin and others, focussing on Olivia Plender’s PhD research project Society is a Workshop.

Location: Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen, 4th floor studio (follow signs)

Date: 17 October 2014
Time: 15.00

"As the title Society is a Workshop implies, my PhD research project relates in some way to the topic of work, and, more specifically, deals with competing educational models: education as a way of indoctrinating citizens into the work ethic versus education as a process of emancipation, in which art, or creativity and playfulness have a central role. The focus of the research being the methods of several social and artistic movements of the industrial era, questioning whether their practices still have the potential to interrupt normative institutional structures today within the conditions of post-fordism and the knowledge economy. The particular example that we will focus on in the seminar is an exhibition of art works by the political activist Sylvia Pankhurst – which I curated at Tate Britain, London in 2013, within the collaborative framework of the Emily Davidson Lodge. We will discuss this exhibition alongside other works and experiences that have formed a part of the process of undertaking the research, such as negotiating tradition and losing my voice".

The aim is to spend several hours in each other’s company and along with discussion there will be two short presentations, responding to this research:

Marina Vishmidt will address the work of Sylvia Pankhurst, and the gesture of retrieving this work and staging a public dialogue around it at the Tate, through the optic of art and reproductive labour.

Anna Colin will introduce Open School East (OSE), a space launched in 2013 in East London, which brings together a study programme with a multifaceted programme of public events and projects. She will address OSE's challenges, organisational methods and historical influences, particularly drawing from experiments in radical pedagogy and feminist organising in the early 1970s.

sylvia_pankhurst‘Leicester Boot Factory’, gouache on board, Sylvia Pankhurst, 1907