Thinking Through Painting, Part 2.

Kristina Bength, Marc Handelman, David Reed, Jan Rydén, Sigrid Sandström, Wendy White. Curator: Jonatan Habib Engqvist.

Location: Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12.

The exhibition explores painting as way of thinking and creating meaning. It investigates the alternation specific to painting between on the one hand concept-based thinking in language, and on the other hand an embodied mode of thinking through material, space, perception and painting as activity. The project is an on-going investigation since 2009 and encompasses workshops, studio visits, travel, meetings and interviews of artists who work with painting. In the exhibition at the Royal Academy the participants themselves: How would you visualize painting as a mode of thinking within your artistic practice? 

The exhibition is divided into two periods. The second part will be a radical re-hanging and introduce new works and a new space.

Between 29 September and 4 October, the show is being transformed. Some pieces are removed, some added or altered. In connection with Part 2, there is on 4 October a release of the publication: Studio Talks –Thinking Through Painting.

The publication includes commissioned texts from the last 5 years by: Kristina Bength, Lina Bjerneld, Jonna Bornemark, Thomas Broomé, Camilla Carlberg, Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Thomas Elovsson, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Jens Fänge, Marc Handelman, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, Kristina Jansson, Jessica Kempe, Matts Leiderstam, Fredrik Liew, Monika Marklinger, Håkan Nilsson, Magnus af Petersens, Malin Pettersson-Öberg, David Reed, Håkan Rehnberg, Hanneline Rogeberg, Jan Rydén, Sigrid Sandström, Susanna Slöör, Wendy White och Johan Widén. Den är redigerad av: Kristina Bength, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Jan Rydén och Sigrid Sandström and is distributed by Arvenius+Orefeus Publishing.

Important dates and public events:
29 September-4 October: CLOSED DUE TO INSTALLATION OF WORK. Some pieces will removed, and some will be added or transformed.

4 October at 12-16: Opening of: Thinking Through Painting, Part 2 and book release
5 October at 14: Open conversation with Marc Handelman
15 October at 18: Generational tendencies. Guests: Thomas Elovsson and Håkan Nilsson. See also:
22 October at 18: Painting and Narration. Guests: Filippa Arrias and Kristina Jansson
29 October at 18: Perception, Intention & Result. Guests: Sonja Larsson and Sophie Tottie

David_ReedDavid Reed, Working drawing #617, p. 3, 2003-2011 (detail). Courtesy of the artist.