“Really good music isn't just to be heard, you know? It's almost like a hallucination.” (Iggy Pop)

RGM is a science of listening, it researches to listen to space and to listen ourselves away from humanity. RGM is a science for contemporary animism, a future landscape or love on a molecular base. It is a science to become receptive, slow and pleasurably passive together.

RGM is deeply inspired by the science fictional elements of Afrofuturism that understands its music as alienation from cultural identity and whose protagonists are interested in future bodies and science fictional spaces. RGM takes these ambitions and translates them to choreography, investigating fields for future bodies and future communications.

Choreography: Juli Reinartz. Performance: Linnéa Martinsson, Emma Kim Hagdahl, Billy Bultheel, Juli Reinartz. Light Design: Chrisander Brun.

Supported by: Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, Statens Kulturråd, MDT and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Juli Reinartz took part in Mejan Residents 2012-2013.