Welcome to the opening of the installation by Peter Geschwind!

Saturday 22 March 2014 at 16.00–19.00

Peter Geschwind/Stockholm New Temporary,
c/o BrittonBritton
Olof Palmes gata 20B, Stockholm

“Peter Geschwind’s installation, SLOW MOTION II, takes us back to Eadweard Muybridge’s optical experiments with moving images at the end of the 19th century; but Geschwind turns our relationship to space and movement inside out. Muybridge and others tested ways of showing images rapidly, one after another, in order to create an illusion of movement, and around the same time, apparatuses - predecessors to modern film projectors - were developed. Since then technology has improved but many of the conventions that were established in the late 1800s remain. When we watch films today, we forget about the space around us in the same way as people did when films were in their infancy, and we sit concentrated on the lit-up screen in front of us (including TV, computer screens and others). However, if Muybridge liberated a sequence of movement from space so that it became possible to distribute it smoothly, then Geschwind does the reverse by binding it to a place, to the here and now, in a palpably physical way, and in the process, he returns technology to the experimental.”

The installation is a continuation, scene no 2, of SLOW MOTION, that was shown at Gävle Konstcentrum 2011. See more: http://www.gavlekonstcentrum.se/content/view/114/79/lang,sv/

Review March 2014

Review March 2014