14 September 2013, National Library of Sweden, Humlegården, Stockholm

Barbara Romanowicz (Collège de France, Paris and Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, Univ. of California, Berkeley) - "Seismic Imaging of the Earth's Mantle"

"Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions: all are dramatic consequences of plate tectonics with important societal impact. They remind us of the powerful internal forces that drive the motions of plates at the surface of the earth. In order to understand the internal dynamics of the earth and their evolution, seismic imagery , which uses seismic waves generated by natural earthquakes to illuminate the earth's internal structure, is an ever improving tool for mapping regions where upwelling and downwelling flow occurs at the present time and provide information for the development of models of the thermal evolution of the earth and understanding why our planet is the only one in our solar system to have plate tectonics.

I will explain how global mantle seismic imaging works, how it has improved in recent years owing to new capabilities for the computation of the seismic wavefield through the earth, what we have learned about the earth's interior structure and the challenges ahead of us to achieve the required sharpness of the images we can obtain."

The lecture is part of a series arranged in the context of the exhibition "A4-arket".

The lecture is delivered in English.

Open to all, no fee.