What does art look like when it is meant to look like art?

“In commercial cartoons most main characters have, as a general rule, some form of art displayed on their walls. The intention is to mirror the normative domestic context as a way to make the reader feel more connected to the cartoon character’s everyday situation.
We have become interested to find out WHAT kind of art the cartoon figures actually have on their walls or what can be glimpsed in the background of the museum and galleries they visit. The art seen in the background reveals the cartoonist’s prejudice/preconception of the average reader’s understanding of what art looks like, and it therefore signals an assumed typical idea of what art is. Sometimes it is configured as a comic cliché-like simplification, a few gestural brush marks or a funky looking sculpture – sometimes it is an unmistakable reference to either contemporary or historical art works and artists.”

Welcome to the opening – Saturday 4 May 2013 at 12.00-17.00

Kulturhuset at Visholmen, Strängnäs

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"What’s That In The Background?" is thematically related to Max Olofsson's och Sebastian Nordbeck's KU-projekt (2012) with the same title at the Royal Institute of Art.