Charlie Stern was born in London in 1974 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He worked at Anthony Stern Glass in Battersea, before undergoing two years of factory glassblowing training at the Kosta Glass School in Småland. In 2010 he graduated with an MFA in Glass from Konstfack, University for Art, Craft and Design. His work is concerned with materiality and how that term survives in response to digital media. Since 2010 his work has been exectuted within the context of artistic research.

Glass Spectacle (2008) sought to connect the ideas of Guy Debord to the practice of handcraft. The work presented three dimensional simulations of glass blowing next to hand made objects. The increasing importance of screen based media versus the role of  traditional hand skills was a theme of this piece and has remained a feature in Charlie's work since.

World of No Craft (2011) was an Artistic Development Project Konstnärligt Utvecklingsarbete (KU) made for Konstfack during 2011.  Working with gaming technology the project resulted in an interactive exhibit for the Glass Factory- a locally funded museum on the site of the downsized Boda Glassworks in Småland and discussed the development of the Microsoft Kinekt camera as a model for craft industries.

Print Up 2012 is an ongoing project commisioned by the Royal Instituite of Art, Stockholm. It focuses of the the use of 3D printing technologies by artists and makers.

Charlie has produced work for Konstfack, University of Arts craft and Design, Stockholm. The Glass Factory Boda, Sweden and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm Sweden.

Charlie Stern