Artistic Research and Development - KU

The Royal Institute of Art hosts artistic research and development projects. They include two-year long artistic development projects (KU), PhD studies across four years, Mejan Residents during one academic year, and externally funded projects.

The projects include, for example, interactive and site-related installations, investigations into artistic materials and conceptually oriented works. Presentations are made through public shows, performance, publications and film screenings.

Practice-based and reflective research, where knowledge is articulated through dialogues between ideas and matter, site and audience, can in varying and unexpected ways highlight aspects and issues relating to human experiences.

The Royal Institute of Art is increasing its activities connected with artistic research and development projects, and also their visibility and integration into the bachelor and master level programmes.

For information about the current artistic and development projects, see the menu on the left.

Contact: Åsa Andersson, Research Coordinator, +46 (0)8 614 40 48, asaan(at)kkh.se

alexander_julia_KU_14Alexander Wireen, Julia Bondesson, KU-project
"Sorkfjord Synopsis Taiwan, Photo: 鄧 欣榮
(Deng Xinrong) 2013