Who can borrow?
Everyone is welcome to borrow circulating material from the Royal Institute of Art’s Library.

How do I borrow and return a book?
You need to register as a borrower at the Royal Institute of Art’s Library before you can borrow an item.

You may return a borrowed book in the Library’s return box outside the Library on floor 5 or directly to the staff in the Library.

How do I renew a book? How do I request a book?
You may renew or request a book in the Library’s catalogue at the Member’s Area or by contacting the Library.

You may renew the loan period five times. Renewals will not be granted if the title has been requested by another patron.

Borrowing rules
You are personally responsible for the items you borrow.

The loan period is normally one month. 

Lost items will be billed.

Inter library borrowing
Books not available at the Royal Institute of Art’s Library can be located from other libraries. This service is available for the Royal Institute of Art’s students, teachers and staff. 

In accordance with chapter 9 section 22 of the Secrecy Act (Sekretesslagen) we will not reveal information about what items you borrow. Our staff are bound by professional secrecy. In accordance with PuL (the Personal Data Act) we inform you that: We register your details electronically (10 § PuL). These details will not be revealed to any third party/organisation. They will only be used in the running of this Library (17 § PuL).

Apply for Library membership
Goodbye to library cards!

You apply for Library membership here. Present your identification card next time you visit the Library in order to complete the registration.

When you register for Library membership you undertake to abide by the Library’s borrowing rules.

You undertake to keep your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number up to date in the Library catalogue on the Library’s website, under Member Area.