Opening: Thursday, May 28, 3–8pm (runs through June 14)

Press and professional preview MA and BA Graduation Exhibitions: May 28, 9–11am

The Royal Institute of Art, Kungl. Konsthögskolan is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s spring exhibitions, representing the work of the graduating MA and BA students, and the release of an accompanying publication, produced by the graduating students and a dedicated seminar group, in collaboration with members of The Serving Library and RIA faculty.

MA Graduation Exhibition
The work of 23 graduating students, presented here as a collective statement by the class of 2015, reflects an array of approaches and disciplines indicative of the multitudinous meanings of art-making today. Utilizing techniques of installation, sculpture, painting, performance, video, and photography, the range of works explore varied means of engaging and commanding one’s surroundings, and of developing critical tools to address current phenomena in society at large. Several students work specifically with the exhibition site in mind, responding to and commenting on historical as well as current connotations of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Andreas Fägerskiöld (1985-2014) and Sara Englund (1975-2012), members of the class.

Exhibiting artists: Yoko Andrén, Björn Bengtsson, Louise Blad, Simon Blanck, Jonas Bouleau, Niklas Edstam, Sara Englund, Andreas Fägerskiöld, Fredrik Fermelin, Johan Franzén, Albin Looström, Éva Mag, Jan Matsson, Cecilie Hundevad Meng, Joanna Nordin, Jenny Palén, Therese Parner, Samuel Samantha Pfeiffer, Emma Rolén, Charlotta Smith, Gabriela Spilsbury, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Anna Taina-Nielsen, Hedda Viå, John Willgren

Advising professors: Ann-Sofi Sidén and Sigrid Sandström
Producers: Eleonora Fors Szuba and Olga Krzeszowiec Malmsten
Location: Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12

Opening hours
Wednesday, Friday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am-8 pm
Mondays closed.
The exhibition will be open on 6 June, 10 am-5 pm

Documentation images master graduation exhibition 2015

Master student Louise Blad gives free guided tours of the MA exhibition during these times and all days (except Mondays) during the exhibition:
11.30, 13.30, 15.30
12.30 (Saturday/Sunday)
17.30 (Tuesday/Thursday)

BA Graduation Exhibition
17 students present their degree works in an exhibition that constitutes a student collaboration and a practical exercise in self-organization—an open space for experimental expressions and forms that seek unexpected directions beyond the mould of what is given. The BA exhibition is an invitation to a lively and unpredictable encounter with works that range from sculpture, installation, and video, to photography, painting, and text.

Exhibiting artists: Johan Berglund, Markus Bowie, Magnus Broddy, Pelerin Brodrej, Rebecca Digby, Oskar Hult, Petra Hultman, Susanna Jablonski, Inez Jönsson, Gabriella Kaasinen, Lode Kuylenstierna, Maia Lundblom, Josefina Malmegård, Andreas Nur, Ar Parmacek, Ronja Kim Pedersen, Susan Whitlow

Advising faculty: Professor Peter Geschwind and Senior Lecturer Filippa Arrias
Location: Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7 

Opening hours
Wednesday, Friday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am-8 pm
Mondays closed. 
The exhibition will be open on 6 June, 10 am-5 pm

Documentation images from the BA graduation exhibition

Spring Publication / MA and BA students
The accompanying publication takes as its starting point a student-generated addendum to Raymond Williams’ Keywords entry for the word “art,” which it traces in and around the graduating students’ texts and visual works, considered in the context of a flaring public debate regarding the current arts curriculum, the future outlook of the school, and the production of the upcoming exhibitions themselves.
Guest editors: Angie Keefer and Stuart Bailey of The Serving Library 
Read more about the collaboration with The Serving Library here. 

Mejan Arc
Project works made by students at the one-year courses on advanced level: Architecture / Resources, Architectural Conservation, Art & Architecture, and Architectural Theory and History.  

Press and professional preview Mejan Arc: 28 May 2015 at 3-4 pm
Public opening: 28 May at 4-8pm 

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 12-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-5 pm
The exhibition will run through June 7

Architecture / Resources 
Mind the Movements
"We are a multidisciplinary group which have over the past year been exploring how migration and civil society affect the city and society in a Swedish context. In the course Resources.14 at Mejan Arc we visited Malmo, Copenhagen, Norrköping, Gothenburg and Södertälje and met people and organizations that in various ways contribute to the city's transformation. The exhibition examines the influence of societal changes affecting the city and sketches out a new possible organization of it." (The Students at the course Architecture / Reseources)

Advising faculty: Professor Henrietta Palmer and Senior Lecturer Katarina Nitsch 
Location: Galleri Mejan, Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

Architecture / Resources.LAB
Room for change – local initiatives shape the city
"We went to Fisksätra in Nacka Municipality with the aim to investigate the civil society’s work. We looked for local initiatives working for change with the ambition to act in the citizens’ interest. In conversations and through the making of mental maps they describe and visualize their Fisksätra."

A film by Nadine Aschenbach, Veronika Borg, Anna Englund, Barthelemy Massot, Jennifer Norström

Advising faculty: Professor Henrietta Palmer and Senior Lecturer Katarina Nitsch 
Location: Galleri Mejan, floor 1, Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

Architectural Conservation
Architectural Conservation present this year´s theme: The upgrading of utilitarian or outbuildings, explore strategies for the meeting of old and new, and capture the wholeness and meaning of historic architectural complexes. 20 students present five projects where revitalization and preservation of secondary buildings increases the value of the whole cultural heritage.

Advising faculty: Professor Kerstin Barup and Senior Lecturer Cecilia Sagrén 
Location: Galleri Mejan, Exercisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

Architectural Theory and History 
This year’s course Take a Walk on the Wild Side considers the city’s relationship to cultural production, and cultural transformation. Students for their individual research projects focused on a variety of case or field studies, including an audio record of the Unesco World Heritage site Öland (Muriel), traces of ancient Atlantis in Uppsala (Heyman), the lost spaces in the moving city of Kiruna (Hesselgren), the changing landscape around the largest limestone mine in Sweden near Målmo (Ashton), the ubiquitous presence of the homeless (Massot), the condition of race and invisibility (Richards), tracking the evolution of the Cimenta neighbourhood in Liljeholmen (Nilsson), cruising in the shadows of the early 20th century painter Eugène Jansson (Mayes), archiving a stretch of highway crossing Stockholm (Lageryd), reviving the project ARARAT (Jansson), the seductive history of sex hotels (Boström), an atypical model of a train station designed by the architect Jerzy Sołtan in Warsaw (Jan Zydek) and the investigation into the threaded nature of white space (Jenkins).

Advising faculty: Professor Peter Lang
Location: Mindepartementet, Slupskjulsvägen 26 B.  

Art & Architecture
The established theme for our course, for which this guidebook is an extension, is ‘Spatial Justice’. What that means, how it is inscribed or not in the social fabric of a city was the object of our collective investigation. Our field research, after almost a year of preparation initiated by Jochen Becker and eventually myself, culminated in an intensive series of tours and meetings in and around Detroit, Michigan.

Students:Alexander Bahr, Carin Bergström Linder, Veronika Borg, Ida-Maria Classon, Joel Englund, Amanuelabiy Abraham Gemeda, Antonie Grahamsdaughter, James Hamilton, Andreas Jonasson, Barthélémy Massot, Anna Mistry Bergbom, Beatrice Orlandi, Marie-Louise Richards, Sara Saxton Chrinos, Annika Thörn Legzdins, Siri Tolander, Anna Tullberg, Jakob Wiklander, Anja Yencken.

Advising faculty: Corey McCorkle 
Location: Galleri Mejan, Excersisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

Photographic Artist´s Book 
Students at the one-year course at advanced level The Photographic Artist´s Book - Capture and Disseminate show their book projects.

Advising faculty: Senior Lecturer Björn Larsson and Senior Lecturer Carl Johan Erikson 
Location: The Library of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12

Opening hours 
Tuesday-Thursday 1-6 pm
The exhibition runs through 11 June

Open Spaces
The exhibition Open Spaces shows works by not graduating art students, exchange-, guest- and project students.

Advising faculty: Lecturer Tore Nilsson and Lecturer Göran Svenborn 
Location: The Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen

Opening hours 
Monday-Friday 11 am-5 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-4 pm
The exhibition will be open on 6 June, at 12-4 pm 
The exhibition runs through 7 June

Mejan Residents
The Mejan Residents students will present the artistic research project they have been running this academic year. 
Time: 8-19 May 
Location: Galleri Mejan, Excersisplan 3, Skeppsholmen

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