Donatella Bernardi

Based on the researches and fields of interest of the students, Donatella Bernardi proposes individual studio visits, collective critical sessions and twice a month seminars. The seminars are dedicated to readings (mostly artists' texts), film/video/exhibition/displays' analyses and discussions. It does not concern stricly "digital art" but rather "mixed" or even "multiple media" practices. The students get also the chance to take part in two collective ongoing projects : "Eternal Tour" and "Golden Brain".

Across the broad range of her practice, which includes art-making, publishing, film-making and curating Bernardi's interests remain consistent, whether addressing gender inequality, colonialism, racial prejudice or the imbalances of capitalism she is drawn to examining the past as a tool for understanding the present. History, tradition, class and in particular the deep-seated patterns of power provide the subject matter of much of her researches.




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