Premises at Skeppsholmen

The Royal Institute of Art´s premises are located to Skeppsholmen.

The main building is called Kasern III, and here one finds student studios, workshops, lecture rooms, a computer room, a library, Mejan Arc (the School of Architecture), the Vice-Chancellor and the administration. Behind the main building there is a conference and seminary room, Hus 28. In Kasern II the printmaking workshops are situated as well as the photo studio, the workshop for interactive techniques and some student studios. In the Annex is Galleri Mejan situated, in Hus 117 there are student studios.

Student studios
Student studios are located in Kasern III (the main building), Kasern II (the printmaking building), Annexet and Hus 117 (which is situated behind the Museum of Modern Art).

Students at the bachelor and the masters program in fine arts are provided with a studio space during their years of academic attendance. Students at the Royal Institute of Art can use their studio space around the clock and every day of the year.

Project studios
At the Royal Institute of Art there are some project studios which students may use for larger works or time limited projects. A teacher is responsible for each studio/workshop. If you are interested in working in one of these spaces, please contact the responsible teacher.

Kasern III
Project studio in the old mural workshop 
White Balcony, 3rd floor (today reserved for Mejan Residents students)  
Green Balcony, 4th floor 
Sculpture modelling studio 
Painting studio 
Kasern II
Project  studio 

Exhibition spaces
At the Royal Institute of Art there are three spaces where students have the possibility to exhibit: Galleri Mejan, Mellanrummet and Black Box.

Galleri Mejan
In the Annex (by Kasern II) is where the Royal Insitute of Art’s Galleri Mejan is situated. The space is intended for the graduating students’ solo exhibitions. A critique of the graduating students exhibition, which is carried out in seminary form takes place about a week after the opening. This session is led by the exhibiting student’s professor. Other teaching staff and students often take part in the seminar. In addition, the student is able to invite an external art critic or artist to the seminar, in consultation with the supervising professor. The student is responsible for the invitation.

Mellanrummet and Black Box
In the main building are the exhibition spaces Mellanrummet and Black Box. The Black Box room is dark and therefore it is possible to show, for example, films and video works.