The Royal Institute of Art has a long artistic tradition with its roots in the early 18th century. The institute continues to offer a comprehensive educational programme, including teaching in traditional techniques as well as innovative work in contemporary media and materials. The artistic teaching praxis at the Royal Institute of Art affirms the students’ individual development. Artistic, conceptual or architectural projects are sometimes developed in collaboration with the institute’s professors and teachers who are all active and well-reputed artists and architects.

The Royal Institute of Art has the country’s broadest selection of technical workshops and is thus able to provide the students with unique support in their professional art projects. Teaching often takes the form of projects and workshops in order to reflect and acknowledge the diversity of the contemporary worlds of art and architecture. International collaborations are central aspects of the artistic training on all levels of the institute’s programmes. As a result of the recent developments within the field of artistic research, the institute hosts practice-based PhD projects, artistic development and research projects.

The Royal Institute of Art has approximately 60 members of staff and 230 students. Many present and former students have achieved both national and international successful careers. Some forty prominent, leading Swedish and international artists, theoreticians and architects are active at the school as professors and teachers. The institute has its own administration office with some twenty staff. The institute is an independent higher education seat of learning with its own campus on the island of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm, comprising a large number of student studios, workshops, a library, computer rooms, exhibition spaces and lecture halls.

The Royal Institute of Art offers a five-year programme in Fine Arts, a master programme in Fine Arts, a project programme for professional artists, one-year continuation courses in Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Architectural Theory and History and the course Art & Architecture. There is also a wide range of artistic research and development projects carried out at the institute.

The Royal Institute of Art’s artistic development and research activities comprises artistic development projects, several PhD projects, Mejan Residents as well as externally funded projects. Taken together, this creates a unique and strong position for the institute. The foundation of the institute’s creative and innovative research environment is the team of artists, architects and theoreticians who are active at the institute.