My World, Anne Marte Overaa

Bild: My World, Anne Marte Overaa (glas, stål, "found object"). Storlek 42 x 25 cm.

Årets curator: Peter Weibel.

Anne Marte Overaa:
I was 7, standing together with a group of children in the schoolyard. Some of the girls were from my class, they impressed eachother by  listing the countries they had been to. I was impressed. Suddenly it  was my turn to tell. The desire to cover up my own shortage turned  into a desperate attempt to treat villages as cities, cities as countries, countries as continents. After hard critisism from my fellow students regarding my lack of knowledge about the world-map, i revealed that i knew that Tönsberg couldnt resemble China. During summerholidays, i had mostly been camping in Norway, Denmark and not to forget, one day in Sweden, more exactly Göteborg. All the small places i wanted to mention did not belong in this context.

The work i participate with in the Moscow Biennale is based upon personal experiences as well as a notion of the general. My World is a globus showing only the countries that i have visited. The work will be created in several different chapters throughout my artistic practise, altering when i land in Moscow for the first time.