Time for the workshop: September 2015

Atist´s Talk
Time: 14 September 2015, kl 13:00
Location: Hus 28
Open for all 

Antoine Catala refers to various technological devices within his expansive installations to include holograms, breathing images, and computer controlled “drones.” The artist’s process addresses a digitalized era of production within a sculptural sensibility extending the sculptural language of composition in relation to 3D techniques, experimentation with post-industrial materials and surfaces to convert the inanimate into organic and activated objects.

In addition, Antoine Catala wishes to develop a new work in collaboration with and co-authored by participating students in a project that is planned to be exhibited at Betonsalon, Centre d’art et de recherche In Paris in October 2015.

The main purpose of this Autumn workshop course is to explore selected media and production approaches, including: sculpture, installation, photography, printed textiles and plastics, printmaking and video enhanced by the technical support KKH which introduces techniques relevant to the development of the works and to evaluate different critical approaches in relation to artist practice. Together with Antoine Catala, the workshop aims to explore different media through an experimental process of problem solving, visualization of ideas and hands on production. The course aims to support artist development and application experimentation to foster autonomous avenues of production.

The workshop team at KKH: Peter Geschwind, Åsa Andersson Broms and Esther Eriksson, Lars Hammarström, Anette Felleson, Maria Lilja, Tore Nilsson, Göran Svenborn, Ulrika Gustafsson Rosengren.

Photo: Antoine Catala

Antoine Catala on the Artist Process
“Embracing tools, pneumatic pumps for instance, has completely changed my art. I let the tools take over and guide my hand and thoughts. The pump determined the physicality of a number of works since I encountered it. It’s through materiality that I think. The more time with the material or the tool, the clearer my thoughts, the better the work. I am attached to a certain degree of formal innovation—strictly based on personal criteria, meaning what is innovative for me, making stuffed fabric pieces for instance, may not be new for the world; what matters is that it’s new to me. I am curious and want to learn. Pleasure is a big part of the equation. I believe that when one enjoys the process of making the work, then the audience sees it in a fraction of a second in the output—pleasure is contagious. That’s what I call the pleasure principle, which is central to my practice. I have a background in hard science (mathematics), I am a klutz (I held my first drill four years ago), yet I enjoy the process. I mention this because I am constantly looking for new approaches to art-making—literally how to make something that I have never made before using new tools. Most big projects I embark on mean that I will discover new tools and develop new strategies to achieve what I want.”

Antoine Catala Artist Bio
Antoine Catala (born 1975 Toulouse, France) lives and works in New York and has exhibited extensively both in the U.S. and abroad. His work is included in the current Triennial at the New Museum in NYC entitled Surround Audience. Recent solo exhibitions include: Distant Feel, curated by Tina Kukielski and Alex Klein, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (2015), New Feelings at 47 Canal, NY (2014), Heavy Words, curated by Florence Derieux at Peep-Hole, Milan (2014), Image Families, UKS, Oslo (2013). His work has also been included in Archeo, High Line, New York; Meanwhile...Suddenly and Then, 12 Biennale de Lyon, France; ProBio, MoMA PS1, New York.