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Film Screening & Lecture

by Cecile Hartmann

Cecile_Hartmann  Bild: Cecile Hartmann

Time: 14 October 2014, at 10:00  
Location: Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Lecture room floor 4

« My relation to architecture is most of the time based on a relationship with the ground. I wish the view to come from the ground, the camera digging the earth, pulling out materials, creates new landforms, substances and residues, making visible hidden geological strata across vast time periods which obscur our reading of modernity. »

For her lecture at the Royal Institut of Art, she will show her film Achrone as a part of a larger body of work and talk about her relation to architecture and history, referring to Walter Benjamin's conception of history as a process of inexorable decline. 
Cecile Hartmann French filmmaker negotiates relations between documentary and fiction. Her works questions the division between a constructed world and an organic worlds, pondering instability, mate- realistic experience and the metaphysical - Extensively researched information, drawn from the recent history of the global economy, architecture or pre-modern forms of life is reformulated into elaborate photopraphic projects and filinstallations. The political dimention of her work should be taken as being intrinsically bound up with the aestethic issue, understood as a confrontation with forms in the process of representation.
After studies in Art History and Philosophy at the university of Strasbourg Hartmann studied at École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris. Hartmann lived in Japan and Berlin and her films have been realized  as far apart as in New York, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Dubai and the Azores Archipelago. In 2013&2012 her movie Achrone was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Beirut ArtCenter, Lebanon, MuseumAkarenga Soko in Yokohama. She has also recently exhibited at the Palau la Virreina in Barcelona, Musem of Photography of Thesssaloniki and the Museum of Modern Art in Bogota.
Ground is open for ALL STUDENT and is part of the workshop ADAPTER with Cecile Hartmann 14-21 October 2014.