Copenhagen-based artist Honza Hoeck is the first guest to visit the series of lectures Space Projects at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm during the spring. He will take a look at the future history of the exhibition collective and space TOVES, starting in the year of 2060 and crash into 2010.

Monday, Mars 31, 13-15pm, House 28 (behind KKH)

50 Years In The Life Of Toves - artistrun practices in prospective. This paper explores issues of self organization and the creation of new practices and institutions in art, as seen from the perspective of the artist run exhibition collective TOVES, that has been operating out of Copenhagen since 2010. The story of TOVES is unfolded through the biographical 50 Years In The Life Of Toves published in the year of 2064, one of the first critical historical accounts ever to be written solely by a computer program. It recounts the groundbreaking developments that TOVES underwent through the course of half a century backwards from the year of 2060 and to its starting point in 2010.

Honza Hoeck (1974) is a visual artist and curator based in Copenhagen. He works within a post-media and post-institutional field of art, that engages curation, documentation and other types of organizational work as materials and primary spaces for artistic agency, as well as operating within a more traditional media based type of practice. In recent years he has shown at Malmö Konsthall, IMO Projects, Internationalistisk Ideale and TOVES amongst others. He holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts (2009) and is the co-founder and co-director of the exhibition spaces TOVES and Pladsen.

This is the first lecture in the series of Space Project. The focus will be on galleries and spaces founded and run by artists. These spaces stand out because of their experimental character and can be seen as a form of collaborative working method in which the exhibition activity becomes the basis of the artistic practice itself.

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