The Royal Institute of Art went on excursion October 8-12 to the Venice Art Biennale. The interest for the trip was high and places were filled early with a mix of students from grades 2-5. Among the travelers were Professor Sigrid Sandström, adjunct Mikael Beckman-Thoor and administrator Anna Lennqvist, who had made a content-rich agenda for the followers. The purpose for the trip was to visit The Venice Art Biennale that is arranged every two years in Venice between June and November. Both single artists as pavilions from around the world exhibits rethinking within the field of Modern Art throughout all Venice. The trip was very inspiring!

Venedig_Grand_Canal_1Sight from The Accademia bridge over Grand Canale










Venedig_San_Marco_2San Marco square. 








Centralpaviljongen, GiardiniCentralpavilion, Giardini park.










Venedig samling utanför GiardiniThe group is gathered at Giardini park.











Venedig_Torn_6Marino Auritis "The Encyclopedic Palace of the world" (ca.1950) is the theme that The Venice Art Biennale 2013 is built around.

Venedig_Kryddor_7From Istituto Italo-Latino America pavilion. Spices in colour!

Venedig_lgenhet_8The group gathered in the evenings to talk about what have been seen during the day.









Photographer: Anna Lennqvist, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it