Välkomna till en öppen föreläsning av Li Fan, konstnär and professor vid Central Academy of Fine Arts i Beijing

Tid: 24 april 2013, kl 13
Plats: Föreläsningssalen våning 4, Kungl. Konsghögskolan, Flaggmansvägen 1, Skeppsholmen
Språk: Engelska 

Om Li Fan
Li Fan, artist, born 1966, graduated from CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing) 1992. He is currently a professor and director of studies in Printmaking Arts at CAFA. In his work, through drawings, prints, ink, lacquer ware and other materials Li Fan frankly presents common human vulnerability and entanglement.  Li Fan employs ethnic comparison and gender-ambiguity to manifest human psychological and mental states of imbalance. The lecture titled “ Printmaking in China” is related to his years of research and teaching, to explore the printmaking as a medium in a Chinese context and how to make better use of Printmaking.

ForumGrafika is a seminar serial on Printmaking under the academic year 2012/13. We will deal with issues in printmaking now. The medium has become an emergent integral factor in current artistic practices. The aspiration of the seminar serial is to generate critical dialogue, to facilitate an international and national exchange of ideas and encourage new critical theory with focus on expanding understanding of today’s Printmaking.