Susan M. Merriam ge en föreläsning under titeln The ³Sphinx of Delft²? The ³Open Work² and the Reception of Johannes Vermeer fredagen den 19 april 2013, kl 13-15. Alla hälsas välkomna!

Tid: Fredagen den 19 april kl 13-15 
Plats: Föreläsningssalen, plan 4, Kungl Konsthögskolan, Skeppsholmen, Flaggmansvägen 1
Spåk: Engelska 

Om föreläsningen
The seventeenth-century Dutch artist Vermeer created some of the most enigmatic paintings in the history of Western art. In her talk Susan Merriam will explore Vermeer¹s dramatic, shifting, and at times eccentric reception. What other artist can boast of being the subject of attention of both Marcel Proust and a master forger? The lecture will explore how viewers over the course of four centuries projected an extraordinary range of meanings onto the works, enabled by the subtlety with which Vermeer explored the nuances of both everyday life and painting itself. Susan Merriam is Associate Professor of Art History at Bard College, NY.