The Royal Institute of Art has appointed Peter Lang as Professor of Architectural Theory and Architectural History at Mejan Arc, the institute’s department of architecture.

Peter_Lang__fabrizio_boni_3  Photo: Fabrizio Boni

Peter Lang comes, most immediately, from the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University. He writes on the history and theory of post-war Italian architecture, with a focus on Italian experimental design from the sixties. He holds a Ph.D. in history and urban studies from New York University, 2000. 

– I am very glad that Peter Lang is to become our new Professor of Architectural Theory and Architectural History, says the Vice-Chancellor Måns Wrange. His commitment and knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design will make a highly positive contribution to the institute´s activities.

Peter Lang curated the exhibition Environments and Counter Environments: Experimental Media in Italy together with Mark Wasiuta and Luca Molinari in 2011. The exhibition was shown, inter alia, at Sweden’s Museum of Architecture and Peter Lang followed this up by organizing a symposium entitled Curating and Counter Curating, which was also held at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm.

– I am very pleased to be joining the faculty at the Royal Institute of Art and look forward to meeting my new colleagues and future students and also to spending time exploring Stockholm. I am arriving at Mejan Arc at a time when contemporary research, documentation and discussions involving the architectural and urban design disciplines are moving further into untested grounds.

Peter Lang will take up his appointment during the spring semester 2013.