1st of June at the Swedish Museum of Architecture Auditorium

There are changes that we want and others that we are forced to follow or adapt to. Some changes affect us all, such as climate change and depletion of resources, while others affect only specific parts of society, such as the political decisions we make. Often these choices of change are interrelated and the decisions we make concerning one change end up affecting others. This interrelationship is often left unexamined and un-reflected, despite its unpredictable consequences.

How can each one of us affect and direct change towards a desired future? How can the change we all can manage on an individual level, meet sustainable goals for society at large? How can small change initiatives rooted in local cultures lead to a long-term political strategy for better livelihoods and a possible re-formulation of the urban environment?

Welcome to a day of discussion on change, inclusiveness and urban transformations, where speakers from Ahmedabad and Cape Town will broaden our notion of the sustainable city.

Moderator Pernilla Glaser, writer

Arranged by Mejan Arc, Royal Institute of Art, in cooperation with the Swedish Museum of Architecture.

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