Before the Royal Institute of Art moved to Skeppsholmen in 1995, it was decided that casts would be made of the two bronze statues - of a lion and a boar - that stand on each side of the staircase at the entrance to the Art Academy at 12 Fredsgatan.

These bronze statues are behind the expression at the school that accepted students "come in like lions" and "go out like swine." They come to school all proud but a few sobering years on the slippery path of art and they leave "somewhat muddled."

Artists Heinrich Müllner and Mikael Beckman-Thoor at the College of Fine Arts were given the task of making the casts, which now stand beside the main entrance of the college on Skeppsholmen.

In actuality, the lion and the boar are a part of a large collection of antique sculptures that has been held in trust by the Art Academy since it was founded in 1735. The lion is believed to be from the first century A.D. The boar was found during an archeological dig in Rome, together with other sculptures representing a hunting scene.